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Professional Services Contract Experience and Performance Intelligence Support DIA SIA 11 (JIOC-TAAS) Task Order awarded April 2010, supporting CENTCOM's Intelligence Directorate (J2). CLI analysts provide strategic level intelligence assessments throughout the CENTCOM AOR, with specific emphasis on Afghanistan and Pakistan. Analysts develop regional assessments on the progress and implications of developments within the security and governance of those regions that inform strategy and operational initiatives. CLI provides all source as well as specialized analysts that research, prepare, and publish strategic-level assessments supporting CENTCOM, ISAF and USFOR-A strategies throughout the CENTCOM AOR by analyzing regional interests, equities, and strategies to accomplish those interests or secure those equities, in Afghanistan and Pakistan particular emphasis on Pakistan, Iran, Central Asian States, India, China, Russia, EU, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. CLI assists in the development of Regional assessments within the CENTCOM AOR, to include assessing progress and implications in the security, governance and development areas of strategic and operational interest and the impact of and on national-level initiatives in the same sectors. CLI coordinates academic and expert engagements to support policy planning initiatives and strategic assessments through conference attendance, round table discussions, interaction with Coalition and US senior leaders, and the preparation and comment on analytic products and articles, and one on one interviews. In addition to providing intelligence analysts, CLI provides native speakers of Arabic, Farsi, Dari and Pashto as linguists, translators and Middle East cultural experts who provide critical support to customers and mission requirements on a daily basis. Strategic Language, Communications, Outreach and Training Services U.S. Army Human Terrain System From 2007 to 2011, as a subcontractor to BAE Systems, CLI provided personnel to forward deployed areas as part of the Human Terrain System (HTS), a jointly funded program led by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (TRADOC G2). CLI provided Linguists, Cultural Advisors, Social Scientists and Military Analysts to the Human Terrain System (HTS) teams, which conducted operations with military patrols outside secure areas for direct engagement with the local population and their leaders. CLI Linguists/Cultural Experts provided the critical interface with immediate translation support to the soldiers on scene and by interpreting the nonverbal and cultural signals and communications derived from the interaction with the local populace. Our Social Scientists provided insight into the thoughts and concerns of the local populations so the supported commander could integrate that information into the operational decision making process. CLI's Military Analysts collated, organized, reviewed and wrote reports based on HTS team information and provide that information to the supported commander in a variety of formats. Throughout the life of the contract, CLI recruited, hired, and deployed more than 120 native-level Linguists/Cultural Advisors, Social Scientists and Military Analysts (all with Secret level security clearances or higher) in support of the HTS for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. USAREC Leads Generators for Native Linguists CLI performed as a small business prime contractor for the US Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) requirement Army Leads Generators for Native Linguists. CLI Solutions managed multiple operations dispersed over the length and breadth of the continental US. Our success on this project greatly contributed to the reduction of US Army recruitment expenses by more than 60% in the last five years. CLI hired highly qualified linguist recruiters and personnel entrenched in every predominant Middle Eastern community throughout the U.S. As an adjunct to their duties, it was their responsibility to track local Middle Eastern Centers of Influence and Events. The primary focus was the identification of native level Arabic, Farsi, Dari, Pashto, and Urdu speakers and cultural SME's. CLI compiled and tracked this information in a database for future reference. On average CLI recruiters identified and recorded over 200 new candidates on a monthly basis. Additionally, our recruiters were in tune with what was important and relevant in their close knit communities and their respective countries of origin. Our recruiters attended local events and reported to CLI on upcoming events of interest throughout the United States. CLI has the personnel and geographic specific knowledge of the major concentrations of Middle Eastern communities throughout the United States. This knowledge and database allows our team to stay informed of the cultural events and interests on an ongoing basis. Culture and Language Regional Expertise Center (CLREC) CLI Solutions was the prime contractor for the Language, Regional Expertise and Cultural Awareness contract for the Navy Center for Information Dominance, Culture and Language Regional Expertise Center (CLREC). Under this contract, CLI provided language and cultural awareness training for deploying U.S. Navy and Marine Corps units on a task order basis. CLI tailored the training to each unit's specific requirements and conducts training at garrison locations and afloat. CLI provided six native-level linguists, each of whom possess native level proficiency (ILR 5 — Master Professional) in their native language and at least a highly educated level proficiency (ILR 4 — Advanced Professional) in English. Languages included Arabic, Pashtu, Dari, Farsi, and Urdu. Information Technology Our Information Technology team has provided support, primarily in Southwest Asia, for system planning and design, equipment procurement, and preparation & deployment both CONUS and OCONUS. CLI Solutions provides OCONUS support to office staff and equipment located in Doha, Qatar. This support includes the preparation, shipping, and deployment of equipment from the United States to Qatar. Support currently being provided is cloud platform server hosting and administration, website development and administration, equipment management and support, equipment maintenance, system planning and design services, Field support, and Network monitoring and performance management. CLI currently provides remote access and administration support services and as part of our support, our personnel configure equipment prior to deployment in the continental United States and also travel to the region in support of their resources. Our training services include end user education on systems functionality, software usage, and hardware Other Support Services Security Services DIA SIA 11 (JIOC-TAAS) Our Special Security Officer Support team at USCENTCOM, provides total classified document control and accountability, personnel security and clearance screenings, processing of classified visit requests, orientation of cleared personnel and administration on physical security systems, and provides subject matter expert guidance on security procedures and policies. Our staff members and CLI's Facility Security Officer (FSO) collaborate on Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) database monitoring and processing of eQuip clearance procedures, notification of upcoming re-investigations, out-processing of exiting employees, processing of incoming/outgoing visit requests for as well as international travel. Our team also supports all facility security operations from conducting periodic perimeter checks to inventory of all classified holdings. With our durable time of service in the secure spaces at USCENTCOM we manage multiple programs like the information filing system, personnel access rosters, and maintain the active OPSEC program, and assist the command in the preparations for annual Defense Security Service (DSS) inspections. Our security professionals are all fully DSS qualified and educated with practical knowledge and mastery of the National Industrial Security Operating Manual (NISPOM). Administrative Support Services (NAVFAC) CLI provided Senior Executive Service level U.S. Navy government civilians with full spectrum administrative support which included managing daily calendars, arranging travel, coordinating meetings, drafting of rough and smooth correspondence, visitor control, security clearance coordination and information management. Our employees used a range of automated information systems, printers, copiers and other office equipment to facilitate their support to the executives. LEPST Screener Support (UAE & Saudi Arabia) USAF CAAS IV IDIQ Contract Task Order awarded Sept 2014, supporting the U.S. Air Force in the Middle East. CLI Screeners, which includes both Screeners and Linguists, conduct screening interviews of all Locally Employed Persons (LEPs) to assess suitability for access to local Air Forces bases.

Interpretation & Translation

We provide translation and interpretation with native-level speakers of a target language. While you can teach people new languages in an academic setting and computers can do word-for-word translations; what we do is provide not only the verbatim (if required) target language to English (and vice versa) translations and interpretation, we provide insight into the cultural nuances of the spoken and written word that are often misinterpreted or missed all together by primary English language speakers. We provide native level speakers of numerous target languages to support both our government and commercial customers.

We provide the following Interpretation & Translation services to our customers:

  • Native-Level Translation and Interpretation
  • Audio, Video, and Documents Translation
  • Conference and Event Interpretation Support

Supported Languages

Arabic (Egyptian)




Arabic (Iraqi)




Arabic (Jordanian)




Arabic (Lebanese)

Chinese (Cantonese)

Haitian (Creole)


Arabic (Levantine)

Chinese (Fujian)



Arabic (Moroccan)

Chinese (Manchuria)



Arabic (MSA)

Chinese (Mandarin)



Arabic (Syrian)

Chinese (Mandarin - Putonghua)



Arabic (Yemeni)

Chinese (Shanghai - Wu)



Arabic (Somali)

Chinese (Shanghainese)




Chinese (Szechuan)




Chinese (Taiwan)























Information Technology

We embrace the mission requirement of always ensuring that organizations are on the cutting edge of technology. Our Information Technology team provides support both domestic and international, for system planning and design, equipment procurement, and preparation & deployment. Our focus and areas of expertise are in transitional services, with a primary focus on ROI cost cutting initiatives and Continuity of Operations Planning during initial stages.

As part of our commitment to providing the newest services on the market to our customers, we provide cloud services utilizing the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services S3 platform. Our forward thinking team is focused on providing services that are device independent with high availability. Our solutions are written and driven with a zero downtime initiative during transitional cycles. We are experienced in the integration and implementation of existing equipment into new infrastructures. Our goal is to lower overall investment costs in the IT portfolio while providing easily upgradeable and scalable solutions.

Our specialties include:

  • Planning & Design
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Preparation & Deployment
  • Virtual Server Environments
  • Remote Access & Administration
  • Cloud Migration & Transition Services
  • Cloud Deployment & Training
  • Website Design, Deployment, & Administration

Strategic Training & Support

Our translators, linguists, and cultural analysts are integrated within the national defense intelligence enterprise and represent a critical component of various operational teams. CLI Solutions ensures our operational forces have an inside advantage understanding the local dialects and culturally significant details of the mission Area of Responsibility (AOR) through deep immersion within the local and regional populations.

We provide just in time cultural advisor support to armed forces units both CONUS and OCONUS. And we offer deployment of cultural advisors and language trainer’s to support missions as they are in transit to their operational areas.

We have been on the leading edge of the foundation of Open Source (OSINT) analysis, specifically in support of US CENTCOM. Our support and assistance with the development of OSINT analysis has extended not only within the CENTCOM community, but also to work within the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) through the provision of native level speakers and analysts providing communication analysis.

We provide the following Strategic Training & Support to our customers:

  • Cultural Advisors/Role Players
  • Language Transcription
  • Document Exploitation
  • Immersion Training
  • Pre-Deployment Training
  • Social Science Research
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Deployment Readiness
  • Language-Enabled Intelligence
  • Classroom and Interactive Training

We have nearly a decade of experience providing intelligence support to global counter terrorism operations performing HUMINT, SIGINT, MASINT, and IMINT collection, processing, analysis, production, and distribution of finished intelligence for key decision makers, stakeholders, and operators.

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) have expert knowledge of terrorist groups and individuals, a detailed understanding of the socio-political-economic environments that contribute to and/or foster terrorist recruitment, and strategic and operational experience that provides the context for developing superior analytical products. Our professionals disseminate products, communicate with planners, and provide input to the construct and ongoing evaluation of operations, achievement of objectives, measures of performance, and assessment of mission effectiveness. Our SMEs fuse qualitative and quantitative data derived from academic, social media, crowdsourcing, grey/deep web, and intelligence sources relying on advanced statistical and geospatial technologies and methodologies to provide the framework for predictive and pattern analysis.

We provide the following Intelligence Support to our customers:

  • All-Source/Open Source Intelligence
  • Counterterrorism and Targeting
  • Human Terrain Analysis
  • Collection Management
  • Information Operations and Security
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Deliberate Planning
  • Customized Intelligence Products