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  • Human Terrain Systems (HTS)

    Human Terrain Teams (HTT) attached to deployed units include Team Leaders; Social Scientists (PhD); Research managers; and Human Terrain Analysts Designed to improve local population knowledge Supports decision-making – provides accurate, reliable data on the specific social groups in the operational areas

    Enables a more effective rotation of forces through the creation and maintenance of a living, human terrain knowledge base

    One session included 12 cultural awareness training classes for 1800 students Second session provided language and cultural awareness training for 5000 students on the USS Carl Vinson while enroute to the Middle East for deployment Third session was one-on-one Urdu language training and cultural awareness training for Rear Admiral Guillory while afloat on the USS Carl Vinson for pre-deployment to Pakistan


    12 cultural awareness training classes for 1800 students

    Provided language and cultural awareness training for 5000 students on the USS Carl Vinson while enroute to the Middle East for deployment

    One-on-one Urdu language training and cultural awareness training for Rear Admiral Guillory while afloat on the USS Carl Vinson for pre-deployment to Pakistan

  • Leads Generation (09L)

    Native speaking Lead Generators

    22 Lead Generators in 14 Metropolitan Areas

    Language Community Liaison for Recruiting Battalion working concurrently with Army Recruiters and community leaders

    Identify native speaking prospects for enlistment in Army

    Develop community leaders as Centers of Influence (COI)

    Support Army recruiting and local community events

  • USCENTCOM Joint Intelligence Center

    Provided Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) support to the USCENTCOM J2

    Performed work at both USCENTCOM HQ and deployed throughout USCENTCOM AOR

    Intelligence Support provided in numerous areas

    Country Analytical Teams

    Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Cell

    Security and Foreign Disclosure Offices


    Special Event Planning

    Provided analytical Support to USCENTCOM Commanders

    Provided TS/SCI Security Escort Services

    USCENTCOM assigned CLI SME personnel to analytical function that was considered a GS level position

    CLI personnel maintained roles as functional leads in the AF/PK Center of Excellence in charge of 162 personnel and performed as deputy PM

  • Seaport-e

    Prime Award winner in 2012 Rolling Admission – July 2012

    Awarded Prime Contract in Zones 1,2,3,4,5 and 7

    September 2012 – Task Order to provide Senior Executive Service (SES) Administrative Support to the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Atlantic

    Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Headquarters, Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374

    Asset Management and Administrative Headquarters Services to members of the Senior Executive Service (SES)

  • DIA SIA II Task Order – USCENTCOM J2 Joint Intelligence Operations Center Technical and Administrative Analysis Support (JIOC-TAAS)

    CLI was sub to Leidos on the JIOC-TAAS contract awarded 4/10-8/14 to support USCENTCOM’s Intelligence Directorate

    Scope were All-Source as well as specialized analysts who researched, prepared and published strategic level assessments supporting USCENTCOM, ISAF and USFOR-A strategies throughout the CENTCOM Area of Responsibility (AOR).

    Our analysts assisted in the development of Regional assessments within CENTCOM AOR, to include evaluating progress and implications in the security, governance and development areas of strategic and operational interest.

    CLI coordinated academic and expert engagements to support policy planning initiatives and strategic assessments through conference attendance, round table discussions, interaction with Coalition and US senior leaders, and the preparation and comment on analytic products and articles as well as one-on-one interviews.

    In addition to providing intelligence analysts, CLI provided native speakers of Arabic, Farsi, Dari and Pashtu as linguists, translators and Middle East cultural experts who provided critical support to customers and mission requirements on a daily basis.

  • Locally Employed Persons Screening Team (LEPST)

    Subcontractor to Decypher-PSI Government Solutions (DPGS) Joint Venture

    CAAS IV Task Order; 9/2014 – 9/2017

    Provides Locally Employed Persons Screening through Middle East Region

    CLI personnel Located in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) 3 Screeners & 4 Linguists per team

    Focus on low-density high-availability non-native speaking personnel in region

    Full oversight responsibility and control for scheduling and metering of interviews & background investigations of LN/TCN’s in support of local US and host nation military infrastructure support and maintenance.

  • MSFV Technical Manuals

    Prime Contractor

    Technical manuals for the Mobile Strike Force Vehicle (MSFV)

    Organic development of 30/40 level simplified technical maintenance manuals, Programs of Instruction, and Training Manuals

    Developed for utilization by the Afghan National Army (ANA)

    Developed in a simplified, pictorial step-by-step approach

    Provides English and Dari/Pashto translations at a 3rd grade simplified level

    Non MIL-STD production

    Unique products with no comparable baseline

  • USAREC Virtual Recruiting Center

    Subcontractor to NSI

    Provide Support for Recruiters Nationwide through:

    Phone Calls, Emails, Online Chat Rooms and Social Media

    Monitor US Army Social Media Presence

    U.S. Army, GoArmy, USAREC HQ and U.S. Army Reserve

    Respond to Enlistment. Recruiting Related Posts/ Questions

    Government requested CLI as Prime

    Size Standard did not support

    CLI Past Performance was key win for contract

  • DLITE II (Defense Language Interpretation Translation Enterprise)

    Department of Defense (DoD)/ US Army10-year language services contract. The USD 9.86bn Army contract will be divided among nine companies. 03/17 – 03/27

    Subcontractor to Global Linguist Solutions (GLS)

    Linguistic Train and Sustain, Task Order Bravo (5 year contract)

    Language Services

    Interpretation (2%) – Interrogations, interviews, other

    Translation (38%) – MEDEX, CELLEX, other

    Transcription (60%) - DOMEX, other